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We are TONBO

An Impact Venture Studio
for investments in Israeli Technology

We help passionate founders scale up their impact-driven & sustainability-focused technologies  

Investing in Impact Startups

Tonbo is an environmentally positive impact investment firm. Based in Israel, we scale up and invest in purpose-driven, early-stage, disruptive Israeli technologies​ that are targeting key challenges on the low-carbon value chain.

We combine financial performance and impact measurement.

We focus on Climate-tech & Blue-tech

Resources & Environment, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Maritime, Food, Energy & Power, Waste & Recycling and Reverse Logistics. 


Working Together

We work closely with passionate founders whose purpose is aligned with ours for more sustainability; Our hands-on experience and approach are instrumental in taking these ventures forward at a fast pace.


Benefits of working within this ecosystem - You solve a problem that drives impact:

Reduce carbon emissions

Reduce waste

Supply chain optimization

Save water 

Increase food yield 

Saving the ocean

We answer the UN SDGs

See how we are working with startups whose’s sole purpose and drive is to enhance the transition to low-carbon environmental sustainability!

For Investors

We offer a gateway to Israel’s most innovative ideas and impact startups

For Startups

We build sustainable businesses through our STUDIO and MATCH programmes. 

What We Do

Dealflow and screening

For investors interested in enriching their portfolio with Israeli Climate and Blue technologies. 


  • The programme is open to join any time, for a time period between 6 to 12 months

  • 5 startups in a given time

  • A comprehensive programme of 3 stages

  • Supported by a team of global partners and professionals 


Supported by a growing group of global impact partners & Investors who are committed to our future planet sustainability,
We provide all our pre screened startups with our proprietary and differentiated matching services

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