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For Investors


We offer investors, from various asset classes, a gateway to Israel’s most innovative ideas and impact startups:


  • Incremented deal flow and portfolio value

  • Continuous stream of unique pre-diligenced deal flow for your fund

  • Local quality deal flow 

  • Access to our STUDIO and MATCH companies 

  • Network of investors for co-investments

  • Post investment support and supervision as your local trusted partner 

  • We support our alumni companies from an advisor seat.

What's in it for you -

  • We back your investments with operational value 

  • We work to secure positive liquidity events for your portfolio 

  • We are here, on the ground to act as your trusted partner

  • We manage your gaps of being distant from your investment

  • Do you want us to scale one of your existing portfolio companies?

Get in touch and learn how we can work together!

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